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The world of work now offers unlimited opportunities for women.

We have never had more freedom to succeed and make money.

There is nothing to stop us reaching the top of our profession and fulfilling our greatest potential.

There has also never been greater stress in the workplace. Sickness and stress related illness has increased dramatically and people struggle to switch off as we’re expected to be on 24/7.

Burnout is now recognised as an occupational phenomenon and women are more prone to burnout than men.

I had a successful corporate career for 16 years. My last role was Head of Global Account Management at Yahoo and my career was cut short by burnout.

After I recovered, I was keen to find out how I could have handled the pressure and the workload better and not had to give up my career.  I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and trained in Performance Coaching.

During my corporate career I saw that women faced different challenges at work than men, and women responded differently to pressure and deadlines.

I now offer resilience training and coaching tailored to women, in my private practice and in organisations.

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10 Signs You’re Heading for Burnout

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Burnout at work is on the rise and now recognised as a medical diagnosis. The truth is, once you hit burnout, it can have a huge effect on your life and may have to make big changes.

If you are aware of the signs you can take steps to ensure you don't get to the stage which requires drastic action. Introducing simple changes and habits to protect you from burnout makes sense.

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