4 Practical Mindset Tips to Set Goals and Achieve Them

The END OF THEY YEAR is approaching...and so is 2020. 

Where do you want to be by January 2020?

If you struggle to reach your personal goals, here are 4 practical and mindful steps to get you on the road to success for the last 6 months of this year.

#1 Write down and affirm what you want to accomplish

Writing down your goal, in the present as if it has already happened, is a powerful way to affirm your goal. It's an affirmation to yourself and the universe that this is what you want to accomplish. 

E.g. 'I have a new job that I love', or 'I am being kind to my body and living a healthy life'

Write it on a piece of paper, and put it in a place where you can see it every day.

#2 Take tiny steps to build momentum and feel productive

Think of your goal as a mountain. You can't get there in one step! And sometimes, there will be some steps that need other things done to complete them too - which can feel overwhelming, and like the top will never be reached. So you need a plan...

List all the tiny steps that have to happen before you get to the top. Don’t overthink this! Just get them down.

Number all of them by what needs to be done first. You now have your steps.

#3 Schedule your steps and deadlines

By scheduling your steps and giving yourself deadlines you are mindfully cementing the goals into your consciousness and giving yourself something concrete to work towards.

The way you do this depends on what feels the most inspiring and motivational to you.

Are you a digital demon and love having your life plans in the palm of your hand? Then use your email calendar to add time for each step between now and the end of the year. Set yourself reminders if they work for you too.

Are you a fan of a paper diary or creating lists to stick on the wall? This way works better for some and you can get really creative. Spend time making an 'all singing, all dancing' list of steps to put on your noticeboard/wall/fridge that reminds you every day that you are working your way up that mountain!

#4 Make yourself accountable

Who can you tell about these goals who will remind you and keep you motivated? You need a cheerleader! 

How about agreeing to set goals for the end of this year with a friend or two. Set up a whatsapp group and update each other.

It's tough to self-motivate so we need others to help us stay on track. 

Really go for it and trust yourself that you can make a big difference to your life by the time 2020 arrives. You deserve to achieve your personal and professional goals.

I believe in you, you can do this!

Much love,


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louise dockery