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How would you like to walk into your next interview feeling calm and be completely natural and authentic?


Would you like to absolutely nail your next big presentation or important meeting, by delivering your message with complete confidence?

There are 3 things you need to be able to achieve this:

  1. Tools to manage your mindset to put you instantly in the right state of mind.

  2. The opportunity to get clear on what you don’t want to happen and make a sure-fire plan that this doesn’t happen again.

  3. Support, accountability and the peace of mind that someone has your back!

You get all of this in a 1 hour Confidence Boost Session with me. The tools you learn in this hour not only help you with the task in hand, but give you tools to use for every-day life.

Here’s how a Confidence Boost Session helped Olga sail through an important interview…

I reached out to Louise for some advice and support to help me prepare for an interview. In the past, I had often had what I would describe as ‘out of body’ experiences, where the adrenaline kicked in resulting in me talking too much and not showcasing my skills and experience in the best light.

In just one hour-long session, Louise gave me really useful tools to help me feel grounded and ensure that I came across as calm, concise, professional and friendly.

I had a great interview experience and continue to use her visualisation techniques and affirmations to help me kick start the day on a positive note.
— Olga

How it works…

1 hour confidence boost session to prepare you with the tools and mindset to absolutely nail your vital interview or important presentation.

Sessions are by phone or video conference and include follow up emails of support leading up to the day of the event.

To book, simply click below to make an instant online payment.

I’ll then email you to arrange your Confidence Boost Session with me to get you confident, grounded, prepared and ready to be at your absolute best!

Confidence Boost Session

1 hour Confidence Boost session to prepare you for an important interview, presentation or meeting. Bonus: Follow up emails included to support you leading up to the day of the event

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